Here are some tips from Quarter 1:

How to make your life in IT8 easier:
Know your tools
Keep it simple
Plan a project you know you can complete in 4 lessons
Manage your time wisely
Be realistic – don’t try to create something similar to the professional animations you watched in the investigate (don’t be too ambitious)
Your animation doesn’t need to be too complex (you should not need to stay after school to finish)
A good, simple, detailed plan helps make the project easier
Keep everything on a different layer from the BEGINNING
Don’t rush – take your time

Your animation should be:
Easy to understand
Based on a topic you know something about
On topic – not switching from one idea to another in the middle
Not too long

Things to keep in mind:
Know your audience – make the animation appropriate for your audience
Focus your topic when planning
Limit the number of keyframes to keep your animation simple

What Q1 learned about Flash after the Investigate:
Layers are essential – each part of animation needs to be on a separate layer
Layers need to be highlighted in black to add a motion tween
Keyframes are a copy of the original frame
Layers need to be labeled accurately so you can tell which layer is which
Each layer is part of one animation so if one layer has a problem, delete that one and start it over
Each keyframe needs to be designed before adding animation so that it looks the way you want
To publish your animation, use .gif settings OR to incorporate interactive settings (like play, pause, etc) use .swf settings
Every time you make a change to the final product you need to publish it again
Motion tweens only work when they show up as a straight line (not dotted)
The last keyframe should be almost the same (as close as possible) to the first so it looks correct when you loop it
Layers are super duper important
The timeline is just like the timeline in iMovie, except you have different layers
The shortcut for creating a keyframe is F6