What is IT integration?

“Technology Integration is a term used by educators to describe effective uses of technology by teachers and students in K-12 and university classrooms. Teachers use technology to support instruction in language arts, social studies, science, math, or other content areas. When teachers integrate technology into their classroom practice, learners are empowered to be actively engaged in their learning.
Definition from: Wikipedia, Technology Integration Entry. [] Retrieved on 20 November 2006.

Why integrate technology?

This is just one example, read more here.
“Education is evolving due to the impact of the Internet. We cannot teach our students in the same manner in which we were taught. Change is necessary to engage students not in the curriculum we are responsible for teaching, but in school. Period. Students spend so much time using 21st Century Tools at home that they are often bored by reading from a textbook, listening to a lecture, and answering questions from the back of the book. It is our responsibility to harness the educational value of 21st Century tools such as: blogs, wikis, podcasts, instant messaging, video conferencing, movie making, etc.”– April Chamberlin, May the Tech Be With You

What are we doing here at school to integrate technology?

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